Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Hungry Dodo!

Pate la viande (spiced minced lamb wrapped and baked in pastry)

The Hungry Dodo is a family-run catering business specialising in Mauritian foods and sweets. The business is run by mother (professional chef) and daughter (me). Mum learnt how to cook Mauritian dishes from the young age of 12. As the oldest of 9 children, and with both her parents working, it was her responsibility to cook after school for her parents and siblings. My nani (mum's mum) set up a small catering business in Plaine Verte in Mauritius selling traditional Mauritian snacks, such as Dholl Pouri (a wrap made with lentils), gateuax piment (chilli bites) and samosas. She was, and still is (although now retired) known as 'Kala Gateaux' (Auntie Cake, if translated directly).

Soon after, my aunt's had joined my nani in the business. Mum got married and came to the UK. Dad always said he would marry a Kala Gateaux's daughter. 
Mum has trained as a chef over the past few years and has worked for some of the most popular restaurants in the North West of England. She literally does spend all day in the kitchen preparing wonderful foods for her children, family and friends, as well as for catering orders. I'm not just saying this because she is my mum, she is an incredible chef, she takes time and pride in everything she creates, be it Mauritian cooking, English, Indian or any other dish. We're all incredibly lucky (I should say blessed) to have an incredible mother and chef in our family. And now it's my turn to learn!

The Hungry Dodo will be at the Mauritian Open Air Festival on 31st July 2011 @ Down Lane Park, Park View Road, N17, London. Our sister company, Gelato Heaven, will also be at the Festival, selling tropical Mauritian gelato ice creams and sorbets.
Pop down and try some delicious Mauritian favourites, savouries and sweets. Home made chilli pickles will be available to buy! 

Gateaux Piment (Chilli cakes - made with lentils and can actually be made without chilli)

Catlesse la viande (lamb burgers)

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