Monday, 10 October 2011

The Hungry Dodo @ Farmer's Markets

You can now find us at various Food Festivals & Farmer's Markets in the North West of England. Bibi makes and sells gorgeous Mauritian food to the lovely Northerners. A good variety of foods are available such as Samosas, Pasties (Pathes), Spring Rolls, Rice & Curry, Roti, Dahl Puri, Curries and also Chilli & Tamarind Pickles, Lemon & Lime Pickles and Lemon Pickles in lovely jars for you to take home. Mauritian / Indian sweets are also available such as Gulab Jamun (asian doughnut) and Almond and Pistachio Baklava.

Cedar Farm, Ormskirk - Saturday 3rd December 2011
Prestwich Farmer's Market - Sunday 4th December 2011
**Lancashire Christmas Market, Preston Flag Market, Preston town centre - Saturday 10th December & Sunday 11th December 2011 (discount voucher available - see The Hungry Dodo Facebook Page)**

You can usually find The Hungry Dodo at the following Farmer's Markets on the following dates:

Cedar Farm, Ormskirk - 1st Saturday of the month (9am-1pm)
Chorley - 2nd Saturday of the month (9am - 4pm)
Pendall - 2nd Sunday of the month (10am - 2pm)
Grimsargh - 3rd Saturday of the month (9am - 1pm)
Longridge - 4th Saturday of the month (9am - 2pm)
Salmsbury - 4th Sunday of the month (11am - 3pm)

Hope to see you there!!!

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